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  20 January 2012 | 25 Safar 1433  
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Protestors claiming the end of monitors should be made effective quickly
01/01/2012 08:26:00 PM GMT 
Protestors grow in number and gain strength while chaos remains in Syria.

As the observers role to the up rise has been a subject of controversy as right groups have been facing deaths and increased violence against their protests. They wanted to show and record their anger to the observers and have been protesting to let go of the current system of government.

After a while the Sudanese head of the mission was also infuriated by some observers over suggesting how things should be dealt and managed he was reassured by first impressions of Homs as one of the main centers of unrest in the country. The Arab Parliament consisting of an 88 member advisory committee of delegates from each of the League’s member states in the country has also taken things in notice and on Sunday they said the violence was continuing to claim many victims which has to stop under all circumstances it is of highest priority and would be dealt accordingly.

The members stood united in the idea of keeping a senior power of monitors upon them. "For this to happen in the presence of Arab monitors has also been the primary causes of the protesters to be infuriated and they negate their funded and agenda based purpose of sending a fact-finding mission," the organization’s chairman Ali al-Salem al-Dekbas said.

"This is giving the Syrian regime an Arab cover for continuing its inhumane actions under the eyes and ears of the Arab League," he said. The Arab Parliament members were the first ones to recommend the freezing Syria's membership in the organization in response to Assad's crackdown and it would continue to do so until the crackdown is made effective.

An Arab League official, commenting on the parliament's statement shared his views, he told Reuters “it was too early to judge the mission's success once you initiate a mission you should not expect it to show the desired results unless it is made mature enough to give others the sense of better stability, saying it was scheduled to remain in Syria for almost a month and that is not all when more monitors were on their way to undergo the same mission for bringing stability or solutions to stability to Syria.”

The parliament called League’s Secretary General Nabil Elarby to convene a meeting where Arab foreign ministers would be called to adopt a resolution that would withdraw the mission immediately. This was discussed over and over again but after considers the chaotic situation and an ongoing killing standards prevailing in Syria brought them firmly on the conclusion that it should be shut down immediately. Syria State agency SANA has also declared that on Friday a big protest was also observed in the favor of Assad so if reconsideration could be brought forward, it may happen now.

Syrian authorities have also said that all of this has been a plot against the government and it’s a funded project by the western rule of funding terrorists in the country which has killed over 2000 soldiers too in this up rise.

Source: Al Arabiya Digital
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